Dinosaur Party

Its that time of the year again. When parents groan and children cheer, because its birthday time!

Well there is no need to groan, there are plenty of fun ways to celebrate a child’s birthday that won't break you or the budget, produce 1 months worth of cleaning and disappointed little faces.

Lets talk Dinosaurs! Well it is presumed that dinosaurs are a boy thing….. I beg to differ. It can be both ways. It really comes down to the childs interest, decorations, styling, games, prizes and cake!

I have co-ordinated dinosaur parties for girls and boys. But the basics are the same for both:

  1. Choose a large spaced venue, preferably outdoors like a park, where you are able to secure your own space.

  2. If you have chosen a park it is wise to make sure your party is in close proximity to bush, shrub, trees etc for more exciting games.

  3. If you have chosen to have it in the backyard, that works too.

  4. When choosing partyware, you can either go for the dinosaur printed plates, cups, napkins etc, or you can simply just mix and match plain colours to suit the theme.For instance if the dinosaur invite is made of pink, yellow and green, then you could buy pink table cloths, yellow plates, white napkins, green cups and pink cutlery.It will look smashing put together.

  5. Then depending on your budget you could add white and yellow lanterns for hanging and some printed dinosaur balloons.Dinosaur balloons come in all colours!!!

  6. Then to top it all off you could also replace loot bags with a candy buffet, designed to suit the colour scheme.The great thing about this is the cake can also compliment the candy buffet as it will be matched to the theme.

  7. Now for the games.This also depends on budget, however there are great games for dinosaur parties that don’t cost much at all.

Here are some game suggestions

  • Dinosaur stomp

This games involves tying a balloon to each childs left foot. Then each child must try to stomp and pop others balloons. The last 2 left with balloons are the winners.

  • Extinct Dinosaur

All the children stand in a horizontal line as far away from the designated Paleontologist (approx. 6 meters or more).The children then need to slowly creep up to the paleontologist without getting caught moving. So each time the paleontologist turns around they must freeze like still fossils.If a child is not still, then they must return to the start line and recommence their quest. The first to reach the paleontologist wins.

  • Dinosaur egg hunt

You can either buys these or make them.To make it fun, you tape of an area with danger tape as an archeological site and hide the eggs amongst shrubs, bush and trees.The children then go hunting for them.Once they find an egg they are give 2 tools to chisel away at the egg to find a mini dino inside.Keeps them really occupied and they love it.

NB: if you have access to a sand pit its also great fun to bury them in the sand and have the children dig them up!

  • Standard pass-the-parcel game with dino prizes

  • Dinosaur egg relay

Split the children up into teams armed with a boiled egg and spoon for a traditional relay.

  • Piñata

Loads of fun.Although you wouldn’t have one of these if you had a candy buffet.

  • Dinosaur Relay

You could purchase some dinosaur feet (large ones) that the children need to wear whilst running the relay.Makes for great fun.

  • Other

You could make it educational by having some dinosaur puzzles, connect the dots pictures or even hire a specialist mob to come in and do a talk about dinosaur fossils and have the kids interact with visual aids.


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