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Oh, we are fond of shoes here at Sparklebox! Flats, heels, sandals, pumps and peep-toes – it’s pretty rare we meet a shoe we don’t like.

But that doesn’t mean choosing your wedding shoes is an easy task.

I know brides that have bought the first wedding dress they tried on, but it takes on average about ten stores, dozens of heels and two purchases before they found their perfect big day footwear!

When you put so much effort into your wedding day look, it’s nice to put a little thought and effort into the finishing touches.

When we saw the latest lookbook from wedding shoe specialists, Panache Bridal Shoes, not only did we get a little giddy (shoes can do that to you, you know!), but we also thought, why not ask about some tips about buying wedding shoes!

And here is what we found out:

1. Don’t Wait Until Last Minute

Some handmade shoes may have longer lead time, which means getting shoes earlier in the process could save you a lot of agony waiting for your dream shoes to be restocked in your size as your wedding day is approaching.

It is very important to have your shoes with you from the first, down to the final dress fitting, to make sure the dress hem is altered to the right length, as the heel height of your shoe choice dictates your dress length.

It is increasingly common for wedding gown designers to offer custom hollow-to-hem length. This will help you save on alteration costs which could be significant if there are decorative details on the hem.

2. Complement Your Style

Brides, you put a lot of thought and effort into finding THE dress, which means most likely, your dress represents your sense of style.

Look at the element of your dress that attracted you the most. Is it the whimsical bow, or the elegant rhinestone embellishments, or the classic embroidery? Look for similar elements in your wedding shoes to complement your dress AND your style.

3. Comfort is Possible

They say ‘no pain, no gain’, but we disagree!

You CAN be comfortable without sacrificing your style. When choosing your shoes, look for thick cushioned padding to help eliminate numbness, natural materials such as genuine leather allow stretching and breathability.

4. Sentimental Value vs Practical Value

It is important you to decide if you are looking for a sentimental or practical value.

If you want the novelty and sentimental value, focus your search on specialty bridal shoes that will be stored away with your dress to be passed down as heirlooms.

If you are all about practical value, we recommend investing in shoes that go with your daily wardrobe/style so you can wear them again after the big day.

5. Go to a Reliable Source

Just like you wouldn’t purchase your dress from an unreliable source, you should only purchase your shoes from a reputable vendor.

If you are buying from an online vendor, look for good return policy, feedback and reviews. If a vendor sells the same shoes at a much cheaper price, it is usually (not always) a red flag and not worth the risk.

When in doubt, go to your local stores and boutiques where you can get one-on-one consultation and help.

So have you picked your wedding shoes yet? We’d love to hear your tips!

Head over to Panache and check out their selection.

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