Marble Trend

Marble is no longer an old-fashioned accessory or feature only to be used for kitchen counters. Marble is a functional, durable, stylish and oh so sophisticated must have! It’s been around for centuries, trends come and go, but I believe there is always a place in the home and at your next event for a little bit of marble luxury, don’t you think?

Marble is a particularly risk-free interior investment due to its timeless quality. One of marble’s reigning features is its ability to make a statement in both dramatic doses and subtle hints.Its weight and natural beauty offer a sense of dimension and solidity within a room and can help break up the repetitive aesthetics of plastered walls, timber and glass.

Marble Cross

(Product and Photo by Allegra Stone)

Recently I have loved seeing marble in homewares & accessories, as well as being used in its traditional ways in flooring and benchtops. Spotting ‘marble’ being used in accessories such as candles, marble trays, chopping boards, wall hooks and other sculptural pieces is very exciting for us stylists.

Marble is particularly striking when married with warm timbers and leathers, concrete and/or copper. The combination of marble and copper is almost faultless in style and sophistication. By introducing reflective metallic hints, you really allow the muted veins of the stone to add an elegant dash of drama and movement to a space. However, if modern luxe is slightly too imposing for your space, try opting for a softer palette by introducing pastel tones and blonde timbers for a more feminine and Scandinavian feel.

Copper Marble
Marble Coaster

Marble details have such a pretty and romantic look and are a great addition to weddings, engagements, birthdays and dinner parties. The effect is reminiscent of watercolor motifs and painterly prints. Marbling is a great way to introduce color in a soft and effortless way. You can work this trend into all aspects of the event decor, especially on tiered cakes, table settings, invitations, napkins and aisle runners.

Marble Invitations

Marble is a great choice for adding that extra dimension of luxe and texture to your next event. Prepare for a timeless yet contemporary style your guests will be instagramming all year long!


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