The use of foliage in styling has become so popular lately. It can bring a really natural, organic look to your wedding or event and can be cheaper than using flowers as it can used in large amounts!

Ways of using folaige is directly on your tables, like a table runner having overhang down the sides, in tall vases as centerpieces, or hanging from the ceiling in bundles or scatters, or even down walls!

But why not take it a step further and style venue using living plants or a combination of flowers, foliage and plants?

Plants are a great option as they can be kept after the wedding and planted in your own garden, sold or given to guests as gifts.

As with all styling, the best place to start is to work out a general style or theme for your space. Then you need to choose the use of interesting vessels and accessories to portray that theme and style.

Pot plants are definitely back in vogue which means that there is a huge range of gorgeous vessels and other accessories such as hanging planters and plant stands, concrete, ceramic and metal pots to material pot holders.

To really make an impact, use plants of different heights or create different heights by using props to rest plants on.



Using florals in addition to your foliage can provide contrasting colour and texture to the set up. You can do this by adding a few small, bright floral arrangements placed in between the plants or rely on your bouquets for contrast.

Any way you choose to use foliage and plants will add that extra WOW and unique style to your event!

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