The Infamous Custom Made Marble Bar

Well, this bar has been all the talk and all the work, but thankfully a HUGE success.

Lets start from the beginning......

One day there was a crazy + creative + stylist + caffeine addict + dreamer + perfectionist + insomniac (a woman of course) that decided it would be an awesome idea to custom build and feature a marble bar at the 2016 Shine and Dine Celebrity Gala Dinner.

Only one problem...... she had only 6 weeks to build it and all her time and energy was focused on the rest of the creative installation.

Then our Builder Angel, Mr Andrew Stewart agreed to build it (poor thing), not realising what he was getting himself into! Not only did he agree to build something which was in someone else's imagination, but he was going to be working with the crazy lady, and doing it in between his full time job and out of the goodness of his heart. For the worthy cause of SPARKLEBOX of course ..... ooohhhh i mean, Make a Wish Foundation Australia ..... hahahaha.

So after much drawing, measuring, deliberating and lots of shopping, construction was under way. Of course the crazy + creative + stylist + caffeine addict + dreamer + perfectionist + insomniac was summoned to help on the tools and with a paint brush, but low and behold Mr Buildit Andrew had brought her imagination to life! Now it needed a marble design and would be set to weigh a TONNE!

QUICK QUESTION: How was this thing going to be moved? Well our goofball Eddie of course! Whenever something becomes difficult, the answer is always "Eddie will fix it, move it, do it or deal with it". (shhhhhh .... Don't tell him that!)

So, the marble design was installed making the bar ready to be relocated to Doltone House at Jones Bay Wharf for a Decal once over by our good Friend Amen from Created By Amen! Lets take a step back <--- The crazy lady had to help relocate her imagination in real life, and guess what? At that moment, during the move, it hit her! No, i literally mean it HIT HER! Check out the bruise on the face, which was followed by a passing out! OMG. What's an install without drama hey?


So then this wonderful masterpiece was pieced together onsite, on the day of the event, creating the continuous 10m stretch. This was followed by the Decal Lettering by the Created by Amen team and WALLA!

Well, not quite. Eddie was in charge of unpacking and styling 180 x Moet Chandon Bottles and 350 x Flutes and Goblets. How un-stressful and time efficient that was for him, Not.

Then we got our "WALLA". It was lit up with lights provided by Alex from Advanced Staging Productions and our AWESOME Photographer Graeme from Ben Symons Photography captured it all on film.

So we hope you enjoy the story told by pictures below.

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