the creators of sparklebox







Sparklebox was brought to life when Founder Bernadette Georgiou realised that she wasn't doing what she loved. Her passion for creativity had taken a back seat to life and its commitments whilst being immersed in the corporate world of a working mother of three gorgeous girls.


Unable to ignore her calling, Bernadette then decided to follow her passion and dream for creativity. This is when Sparklebox was born. 


So now she can say “I love what I do”.






So Bernadette has been loving what she does for a few years now and has been able to share that love with all her beautiful clients. Some might call her Crazy, with all her wild ideas, but we call her:



"I feel very blessed that i am able to share special moments with my clients and they have chosen me to help make their dream a reality.  Sparklebox is a business close to my heart, filled with love and joy being able to create and inspire ideas that will be recalled for years to come."






Stop!  There is no end, just endless awesomeness!






Thanks for stopping by and we hope you love what we do too!